Locke St Festival

We had a great time at our booth with Barefoot Babies this past weekend at the Locke st. Festival – even with the rain, and crazy tent destroying wind! Thank you to all who stopped by to see our booth! I look forward to seeing all who booked appointments with us over the next couple […]

Belly Cast Restoration

I love being able to offer cast restoration services, and have had the privilege to do a few now. Some casts were years old, stashed away in a closet. Others, like this one, more new. They had decided they wanted to do it themselves at home, but soon realized that the work was more than […]

EXCITING NEWS! ~ Belly Casting Hamilton Ontario

I am so very excited to announce that Love Bump Baby will now be operating out of   164 Ottawa st. N along with some amazing other businesses – Little Bird, Re-Diaper and Daisy Days! I will now be offering belly casting, painting, henna and baby bum casting out of a small studio space set […]

Belly Bowl of the Week – Prenatal Belly Bowls, Hamilton Ontario

I adore this bowl. This is also the quickest bowl I have had in and out. Did the cast on the mother on a Saturday, and dropped it off finished the following Saturday! The mom received this Belly Bowl as a gift from a friend (We do gift certificates!!), and was unsure how she wanted it decorated […]

The bowl that made me cry, and now the pictures with it, and an adorable little girl!

I posted quickly about this bowl in a previously. It’s the only cast so far that has made me tear up while putting in its quote.  “When the world says ‘give up’ hope whispers ‘try one more time’”. And that they did, and they have their beautiful little miracle after 9 years. I got to see the […]

Peacock Belly Cast – Cast of the Week

I LOVE that this is a demo cast, that I get to keep and show off at show’s! Thank you to Tamara at Daisy Days for the inspiration! After being stuck for hours on a design, and completely wiping it out, this is what happened: If you are looking to have your cast decorated in this way, […]

Belly Bowls of the Week

I love both of these bowls so much! They each have a meaningful saying placed inside. This first one says “When the world says ‘give up’, hope whispers ‘try one more time’”. This wonderful couple has been trying to have a baby for 9 years, and finally got their miracle. I actually found myself tearing […]