Cast of the Week – Maxwell’s Belly Bowl

Every once and while I get very specific requests. With this cast the mother wanted to be sure there was a train, the north star, and a moose. These items were to represent some people who are dear to her, and no longer here. I felt with such meaning I really had to make sure […]

Belly Bowls of the Week

I love both of these bowls so much! They each have a meaningful saying placed inside. This first one says “When the world says ‘give up’, hope whispers ‘try one more time’”. This wonderful couple has been trying to have a baby for 9 years, and finally got their miracle. I actually found myself tearing […]

Belly Bowl of the Week – Winnie the Pooh

Not too long ago, I had a woman contact me from BC. She wanted to purchase a gift certificate for her cousin here in Hamilton to get a belly bowl. Cute right? I was so excited when I met this mama, and she said that the room was decorated in classic winnie the pooh – […]

Belly Bowl of the Week and a SURPRISE!

It’s official, the ‘Aila’ cast (the one up there on my header) is VERY popular! I have done about 5 so far just like it! It doesn’t get old, it is very cute! I just dropped of baby Georgia’s to her parents today! After I dropped hers off, I swung over to see Dawn and […]

Belly Bowl of the Week

There are a lot of babies being born right now, and a lot of belly bowls being done too! This has been a record month for me, and I am loving it! This bowl was from a baby born back in December, but a quick birth, and a photography session the next day didn’t allow […]

Babies in Bowls

I have had the privelge to have some very talented photographers use my Belly Bowls in their (I guess our) clients new born sessions. I have been meaning to start a resource page to share about them, but I seem to get pretty behind with keeping this site up to date! I have to make […]