Belly Bowls

Belly bowls are another great way to capture your pregnant form, and becoming a very popular choice for someone who does not have the room to hang a full cast. When making Belly bowls we are just casting your actual tummy, leaving out the breasts. Belly Bowls can be decorated in may ways, or kept simple. Some mothers display the bowls in the baby’s nursery, holding some of the newborns first items.

Belly bowls can also be made to hang on the wall, with the outer side decorated. Each bowl will vary in size and shape depending on the shape of the mother.

Some families take their finished bowls to their baby’s newborn photography session. This is recommended to be done within the first week of the Baby’s life for the best results.

Below is a slide show of some of my favorite photo shoots from some amazing photographers. To see more bowls, click here to see some on the blog, or visit our Flickr album!

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