Locke St Festival

We had a great time at our booth with Barefoot Babies this past weekend at the Locke st. Festival – even with the rain, and crazy tent destroying wind! Thank you to all who stopped by to see our booth! I look forward to seeing all who booked appointments with us over the next couple […]

Cast of the Week – Maxwell’s Belly Bowl

Every once and while I get very specific requests. With this cast the mother wanted to be sure there was a train, the north star, and a moose. These items were to represent some people who are dear to her, and no longer here. I felt with such meaning I really had to make sure […]

Belly Casting Project

For the past, almost 9 months, I have been working on a belly casting project. I wanted to cast a newly pregnant mom througout their pregnancy, every few weeks, so we could see the progress all together by the end of her term. We met when she was 11 weeks, and did our first cast […]

Belly Bowl

Belly Bowls have been becoming pretty popular lately, and though normally there isn’t much done to them decoration wise, I have had a couple with some great sayings! Two of my favorites have been “Where there is great love, there are great miracles” (picture for that one coming soon!) and this cast posted below, “Sometimes […]