Photos by: Dye Designs Photography

To book an appointment, you can fill out the form below, or give Karen a call at 905-531-7023. We recommend the casting to be done between 35-37 weeks, though we will cast right up until birth if you would like to wait until the end, when you are at your roundest.

A few things to consider for your session:

– Wear shorts or old jogging pants. We try to keep the process as neat as possible, but it can get a little messey at times. We will do our best to protect your clothing

-Do not wear your favorite bra. Like mentioned above, there is a possibility of getting some of the plaster on your clothing. It will come out for the most part, depending on the fabric, but better safe than sorry.

-Please inform us of any allergies before the session begins – Latex, or any material allergies.

-Bring a camera! We are more than happy to help you capture the process for you. You are also more than welcome to have your friends join you.