Babies in Bowls

I have had the privelge to have some very talented photographers use my Belly Bowls in their (I guess our) clients new born sessions. I have been meaning to start a resource page to share about them, but I seem to get pretty behind with keeping this site up to date! I have to make sure to start sharing their work more often, and keeping up with this blog in general (how many times have I said that now??)

If you saw my booth at the last Bump, Baby and Toddler expo, you would have seen these shots. When I did this cast I did two identical so I would have example picture to show when I do expo’s. I LOVE the way this cast turned out, and even more, the photos! When I first pulled off the bowl from the mothers stomach, she said it looked like a hammock. From there we knew how we were going to decorate this bowl – it would be the first bowl that I would make to hang! She wanted it to look very earthy, and I even put a real moss edging around it. When it was time for the photography session with Creative Simplicity Photography, (who also did the professional shots for this website) I took down a large branch I had in my sons room above his window, and dropped it off with the two bowls.

I still remember when the pictures were first posted. I was away camping with little to no service. I walked around our campsite holding my phone up in the air as high as I could just to see how the pictures turned out. I was so excited! I LOVE the way they turned out, they are beautiful!

Belly Bowls have become really popular in the last year, and I just LOVE them! I just wish that I would have been doing them when I was pregnant, I would have had a very big bowl to display!

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Creative Simplicty Photography :




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