Belly Casting Project

For the past, almost 9 months, I have been working on a belly casting project. I wanted to cast a newly pregnant mom througout their pregnancy, every few weeks, so we could see the progress all together by the end of her term. We met when she was 11 weeks, and did our first cast then. Our second was around 18. Then we did 25, 30, 35, and finally 38 weeks. While the mom is only going to keep the last cast, she will now have these pictures to help remember this fun project. I don’t expect many people, if any to want something spanning their full term (may be a a little hard to display/find space for), but it is something that I will offer. The last picture is one of just the third trimester. I love how much we can see her belly button changing 🙂 Hope you enjoy these shots! Thank you to the mom for letting me do this!

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