Prenatal Belly Casting, Hamilton ON

I have been waiting to share this cast on the blog, wanting the mom to see it before I can post it, but I just can’t wait any longer! I love the way it turned out. When asked what they wanted, I was told “something ridiculously girlie- pinks and purples, flowers and butterflies”. While I opted out of the purple, I think I stuck pretty good to the other requests. I love it, and I do think it is RIDICULOUSLY girly! Being a Mom of 2 boys, I love doing really girly casts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Prenatal Belly Casting, Hamilton ON

  1. Thank You for leting me view you”r site ..You’r Belly Casting buisness is Awsome and Beautiful. My first experince with Belly casting was a remarakble Rememberable tresuare to keepsake. I am in the process and beginning stages of my buisness. I enjoyed it so much and have creative Ideas. You’r pictures and work are Great!

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