Belly Casting – Hamilton Ontario

I have been dying to do a full torso casting. Something from the collar bone, right down to the thighs. I put out an ad for a model (last post) and got a TON of replies. Because the cast was going to be used as a display I wanted someone who was almost at the end of their pregnancy with a really great shape. Thank you to the power of wordpress and google, and a dad to be searching for body casting, I got to meet a great couple who were only 3 days away from their due date! I LOVE getting to do mamas so close to having the baby, you really get to capture that full shape. With one of my previous casts I did, mama went into labour just hours after having it done! I love the way this cast turned out, and hope to do lots more like this in the future. I wish this couple all the luck for a quick and easy labour, and safe arrival of their little princess. I also look forward to decorating their free belly bowl! Now I get to start brainstorm decorating ideas for this beauty!!

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Do you have an idea for decorating? Why not post it below in the comments section. If I choose to do your suggest, you could win a gift certificate!


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